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Specifically for large companies with over a thousand employees
At Textmetrics, we know it can be hard to follow all of the rules when writing. Producing high-quality, unbiased content while keeping all knowledge in-house can be quite challenging. But not anymore.

Customized software for a unified brand

  • Your own tone of voice
  • Your own SEO rules
  • Your own branding and employing branding

Available in 12 languages

  • The software’s dashboard is available in EN, NL, DE, FR
  • Translation is possible for ALL languages

Available for many writing systems such as:

  • ATS integrations
  • CMS plugins


Consistency is key
Textmetrics makes it easy to write high-quality texts with consistent branding and tone of voice. By customizing the software to your brand rules, everyone in your company can write and generate texts that represent your company.

Achieve the impossible
Writing without any bias is a near-impossible task for humans, as personal experiences tend to influence word choice and sentence structure. But fear not, as Textmetrics can come to the rescue by analyzing your content and offering suggestions to eliminate any bias within seconds. With Textmetrics by your side, achieving the seemingly impossible is now possible!


Invest in your writing
Paying third party experts to train your staff on a writing policy can be tricky, it becomes expensive quickly, it can prove itself near useless without proper upkeep, and if the trainings contain wrong information, you move yourself further from your goal. Textmetrics eliminates all of these threats and allows you to make an investment in your writing without worries.

Become the experts
Using Textmetrics can turn your employees into writing experts. With its customized software, Textmetrics provides real-time feedback on every piece of text they write, helping them to avoid common writing mistakes and improve their skills. Textmetrics’ advanced algorithms analyze texts while providing suggestions for improvements that will elevate the quality of writing to a professional level. Textmetrics empowers your employees to write with confidence, resulting in the creation of high-quality and error-free content that reflects positively on your brand.


The wait is over
By using Textmetrics, the need for external experts disappears. The customized software provides your employees with constant, real-time feedback, enabling them to learn every time they write, no matter the time or place.

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