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Journalists & editors

Textmetrics offers daily writing tips and suggestions to journalists and editors in an accessible format, eliminating the need for multiple tools to improve the findability and readability of content. Textmetrics simplifies the writing process by providing both SEO and content feedback in a single software.

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Online visibility

Keyword analysis
Check the strength of your chosen keyword with our keyword analysis and receive suggestions for better online findability.

Check the competition
What keywords and keyword phrases do you and your competitors use? Page title, page description, headings, links and images are checked in the software.

SEO check
The SEO check ensures that your keyword is mentioned the optimal amount to be ranked higher in Google.

Consistent high quality

Your tone of voice
Ensure consistency and unity in all written communication by customizing the tone of voice of your company.

Your branding
Identify terms that are not allowed and check for specific brand values. Textmetrics provides suggestions to ensure all texts align with your branding.

The right sentiment
Textmetrics helps prevent negative sentiment in your content, ensuring your message is friendly and confident.

These features are also included in our software

Journalists & Editors

Write all content on brand, in consistent high quality and optimized for Google.

For journalists and editors whose writers are specialized in special sectors and disciplines

  • by implementing the knowledge into one system
  • keep the experience and best practices in the company
  • for a constant high quality for your customers
  • reach everyone in the target group, by excluding nobody

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The Role of AI in Dismantling Stereotypes in Branding

The Role of AI in Dismantling Stereotypes in Branding

For decades, brands have inadvertently (and sometimes advertently) leaned on stereotypes to communicate with their audience. The dashing dad grilling steaks in the backyard, the ever-calm mom gliding through domestic turmoil with a grace that borders on supernatural,...

AI and Sustainability

AI and Sustainability

If we were to summarize the topics of this century that cause heated debates and many headlines, AI and Sustainability would be high up on the agenda. However, how often do we really talk about their relationship to each other? In my opinion, not enough. In this blog...

Advantages of hiring neurodivergent talent

Advantages of hiring neurodivergent talent

Why neurodivergent talent is valuable to your business Have you ever seen a normal person? This slogan was printed on cardboard and posters with mirror foil in the 1970s, so you could see yourself while reading. The message behind this was ambivalent. Did it insinuate...

Secure Your Blog’s Future with Competitive Content Analysis

Secure Your Blog’s Future with Competitive Content Analysis

Your Key to Master Competitive Content Analysis   Source: VecteezyAlt: Secure Your Blog’s Future with Competitive Content Analysis   Gone are the days when simply publishing content was enough. You can see blogs and websites stuffed with content everywhere,...

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