October 20, 2023

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9 tips to humanize an AI text

Almost a year ago AI conquered the world of content writing. But did it really? At first we were impressed with ChatGPT and the likes, but by now we’ve seen that AI writing still needs a human touch. Not just for Google rankings, but also to make better, more outstanding blogs and articles. So don’t be afraid to use AI, but learn how to use it. Once you master this, an AI writer will save you lots of time and money.

In this article we’ll explore how to humanize an AI text for happy readers and great rankings.


The importance of humanizing an AI text

The writing level of most AI writers is average or below average. Good enough to write your school assignment if your teacher is unaware. But not enough if you’re aiming for a great or even stellar text. Where exactly falls an AI writer short?

  • The Google trap. Your rankings will tank if Google detects or suspects too much AI writing.
  • Lack of empathy. Emotions are the most important factor in copywriting. Emotions lead to brand loyalty and to conversion. Knowing some tricks, as AI does, is not the same as understanding emotions.
  • Exaggerating claims. ‘Learn how to speak Spanish fluently in just 45 minutes a week!’ Yeah, right. How credible can you be?
  • Readers are recognizing AI writing by now. You know your readers won’t appreciate it, don’t you?
  • Hallucination. AI can start hallucinating to make up facts, statistics and URLs, and AI often comes up with weird statements that make no sense.


Tips for humanizing an AI text

Many professionals are afraid to be replaced by AI, but you will never be replaced by AI. You will be replaced by someone who knows how to use AI. The following tips will help you to be that someone.

1. Consider the AI text as a first draft.
Never copy-paste an AI text directly into your website. It needs a human touch first.
2. Personalize the text with stories and emotions
If the AI writes: “there is not enough staff to do the work” change it to “there’s no one to take your father for his daily walk”.
3. Watch your tone of voice
The overall tone of voice for your brand should be consistent. You cannot for instance mix formal and informal writing.
4. Add humor
Humor can be very sensitive and subtle. AI really can’t do that. Just add a pinch of humor to your text.
5. Edit text structure
AI excels in passive writing. Fix this, because passive writing makes up for a boring text. Also check repetitive patterns. Bring variations in wording and length of sentences.
6. Format your articles
Stock photos are not unique. Use your own photos to go with your text or use an AI to make personalized pictures.
7. Check the facts
Check all facts and links, because you really cannot depend on AI for this.
8. Check weird expressions
‘They all listened with a hawk’s eye’. A real life example of an AI mix-up, that will not look good in any text.
9. Use humanizing software
Yes, it might sound like a contradictory statement, but you can actually use a software program to help you humanize an AI text. The secret for a tool like Textmetrics is that it tracks repetitive patterns and gives you suggestions to keep your tone of voice consistent. Tweak the settings manually to find out what works best for you.

Never be scared to use AI to write a text. Learn to master AI writing instead, to save time and money and improve your writing. Click here to try Textmetrics to help you humanize an AI text.

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