Textmetrics for Page-Up

Textmetrics is the world’s leading Smart Writing Assistant that helps you write inclusive job ads. It’s now available for Page-Up users. On this page you can read more about Textmetrics and the partnership with Page-Up.

Why Textmetrics?


  • Use the suggestions of Textmetrics to write high quality vacancies
  • Customized to your company specific writing guide and other guidelines
  • Speak to your complete target audience and exclude nobody
  • Motivate people to click the apply button

How it works:

  1. Download the free Textmetrics Chrome plugin for Page-Up
  2. Open the plugin in your Page-Up environment
  3. Log in with your Textmetrics account
  4. The extension will read along while you are writing
  5. For suggestions click the ‘analyze content’ button
  6. Words or sentences will be highlighted in your text and Textmetrics will offer suggestions.

More information about Page-Up

Recruitment industry leader

PageUp is a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions. The platform enables organizations to streamline their recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and learning processes. With powerful analytics and automation capabilities, PageUp helps businesses make smarter talent decisions and drive employee engagement. Trusted by global companies across various industries, their intuitive interface and customizable features empower HR teams to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Join the ranks of successful organizations that rely on PageUp to optimize their talent management strategies and unlock their full potential.

    How to contact us?

    If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy policy or the way your personal data is processed on the website and in the software, or if you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us using one of the following methods:

    Textmetrics BV 6th floor
    Oude Oeverstraat 120
    6811 JZ Arnhem

    Phone number:
    +31 (0)26 – 8080191