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So, you want to know how to increase women applicants?

You may have noticed that getting women to apply to your jobs seems trickier to accomplish than you probably thought it would be. The fact is, in many companies, the number of female applicants is a lot lower than that of male candidates. The great culprit is gender bias in job ads…

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Our writing style tends to be masculine, which attracts more men than women. This style is the way we are taught at school. As a result, women do not feel addressed, and therefore it is difficult to motivate them to apply. The results are crystal clear: fewer women apply, and you might miss out on the ideal candidate for your job. But what can you do to turn this situation around.

Use the right words

Did you know that your writing can be tailored to reflect a specific gender? It can be masculine, feminine, or neutral. To ensure everyone feels included, aim for a balanced tone by carefully choosing your words. This can be difficult to do on our own. Fortunately, Textmetrics can help by suggesting alternative words to make your text more inclusive.

We lower the barrier

Textmetrics checks for excluding, repetitive, incorrect, or unnecessary parts, and provides suggestions for improvement, such as using words on the correct language level or shorter sentences. We offer a module specifically for writing job ads. This will encourage readers to apply and will make creating job descriptions easy as well.

The top 15 job motivators

Job motivators are specific words that evoke a feeling of intense interest and desire to act. Textmetrics provides you with a list of job motivators specific for your target audience based on the type of job and its field. Including these motivators in your vacancies will encourage people to apply. In today’s competitive job market, standing out is crucial, and Textmetrics offers unique tools to make the recruitment process more effective.

Read our whitepaper

Would you like to become an expert in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)? Check out our whitepaper, which provides a thorough guide on how to write D&I texts in the recruitment sector.

Nice in theory, but how does it actually work?

Watch the video to see a detailed explanation of the Job Description Generator’s functionality. This thorough video guide will take you through all of its features, capabilities, and the different ways it may improve the process of writing accurate and impactful job descriptions.

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