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Happy to meet you at our next events.

At Textmetrics, we love actively participating in various events and special occasions. We are often present, eager to establish new connections and share experiences.

We are excited to welcome you at the next gathering we attend. Check out our agenda below and meet us at the upcoming events. 


    September 10-12, 2024

    Zukunft Personal Europe

    ZP is Europe’s foremost HR Expo, offering exclusive access to industry leaders and innovative startups, fostering collaborations that streamline HR processes and drive holistic value creation. It’s the pivotal platform for comprehensive HR transformation and innovation

    Cologne, Germany

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    September 30 – Oktober 4, 2024

    Werf& Webinar Week

    During the Webinar Week by Werf& and ZiPconomy, leading figures and experts in the job market will share their insights on the latest developments in both permanent and flexible employment, offering valuable perspectives on trends in labor market communication and recruitment. It’s a unique opportunity to stay fully informed and gain essential knowledge in a short span of time. Keep an eye on their website for updates!

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    Past Events

    •  Recruitment Tech Demo Day
      With pitches, demos, the expo, and substantive breakouts, you’ll be updated on recruitment software in just one day
    • HR Live
      HR Live is an immersive event focusing on HR practices and industry insights.

    • Zukunft Personal | ZP Europe
      Zukunft Personal is an influential event shaping the future of HR and HR and workforce development.
    • TALENTpro 2023
      In an era where recruiting, talent management, and employer branding are becoming increasingly important, this event serves as a focal point for professionals.
    • Demo Day Belgium
      Recruitment Tech Demo Day is an event specifically dedicated to showcasing various tools aimed at boosting recruitment strategies and improving employer branding.
    • The D&I Month Special
      The D&I Month Special is a dedicated event focused on celebrating diversity and inclusion initiatives.